About Our Glazes

Inspire –  Color Without Compromise™

They say you can’t have it all. Well, call us immodest, but we believe, with our Inspire™ line of glazes, you really can.

Our glazes are formulated to stay fresh in the bottle until the last drop. You can count on Inspire™ colors to brush smoothly, dry quickly, and fire consistently.  Oh, and a perk — they’re compatible with other manufacturers’ lines. No need to switch out everything. Just add us in to the mix. Soon, you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

Details, Details…

Our complete line of colors are not only vibrant, they’re versatile. Inspire™ color glazes have a wide firing range, are non-toxic, and boast a high luster surface with or without clear coating.  Our Inspire™ Clear food-safe dipping glaze has brilliant clarity and a unique rheology that makes consistent dipping a breeze. Our glazes have been tested and engineered to resist crazing and shivering on a wide ranging variety of imported and domestic bisque ware. See our MSDS (pdf) (Materials Safety Data Sheets).