About our Bisque

Something Old, Something New…

We love new lines. We love old ones. Here, at our plant in Ash Grove, Missouri, we’re stocking both. So if you’re looking for the latest designs, we have them. And if you’re hankering for a figurine you remember from 30 years ago, that you just can’t find anywhere anymore – well, check with us. We may manufacture it, and if we don’t, we will try to make it happen.

Pick and Choose

Order exactly what you want, and no more. We do not require quantity buying on any of our domestic bisque ware lines.


Our line of vintage bisque ware is carefully formulated and porosity-tested at our factory in Ash Grove, Mo. Our staff meticulously hand cleans and fettles each piece of greenware prior to firing to ensure the quality and detail our customers deserve.

We also manufacture our own casting slip in order to provide a consistent quality with every order. Our low-fire Gap Slip is formulated for excellent overall casting and glazing characteristics. The resulting greenware is extremely strong, has a wide firing range and produces a strong, white bisque product with the proper expansion to fit low fire glazes.